Looking for a Great Ceramic Arts Degree?

So you have graduated with a ceramic arts degree. Congratulations! But now where do you go to advance? There are many ceramic art programs out there. Where can you find one that would fulfill your desires as an artist? Potentially, you are looking for a program with flexibility, interesting coursework, a great staff, and the best technology.

What Kind of Challenging Work Is Best for Me and My Career?

The best ceramic arts degree programs will help you master even more great traditional techniques and high-tech ways of creating ceramic items. You will also want to delve deeper into critical reflections and more complex aspects of various subjects. It is important to study more mixed media techniques, work with others on design collaborations and the ceramic performing arts.

What Options Should I Look to Pursue?

To obtain an excellent ceramic arts degree, you should find a ceramic school that fits your interests as well as improving your skills and inner voice as an artist. This should include community based practices, which are anything from donating to that fundraiser you had your eye on. It would also include the time-arts—your work could end up in a museum! You will want to learn about mixed media, and its various applications to make your work stand out and truly express your inner voice as an artist.

How Should I Approach Looking for a University?

It is important to find a good fit with a university’s philosophy, to ensure success. Maybe you would like one grounded in tradition, but encourages students to be experimental with their projects. You may want to engage in multiple collaborations designed to make fantastic pieces with other artists. Installations should be offered if you want to become a ceramic engineer and work with anything from beautiful tile and medical equipment, to aerospace pieces (and much more). You will also want to look for a university that only uses the best and latest resources and technology.

If you want to attend a university with all these qualities in a ceramic school, please go online to the School of Art Institute of Chicago at www.SAIC.edu.