Mitigation System Buying and Installation Tips

by | May 10, 2017 | Business

If you used a testing kit and found high levels of radon in your home, you’ll want to confirm those results. Hire an inspection service to make sure those test results are accurate. Once the results check out, hiring pros to handle the mitigation system installation on your property should be next on your list. Here are several things to keep in mind, though, before you do:

Pick the right one

There are several options to consider. Check out their features first. Read up on these systems. Do your research. That way, you’ll have a better idea which fit the bill if you want something for commercial or residential use.

Ask about the warranty

You might want to consider buying one with warranty, says the Department of Health & Senior Services. That could help you a lot in terms of future costs down the road. If the warranty is substantial, it could also mean hassle and worry-free repairs and replacements for months or years.

Weigh pros and cons

Expect this to add to your energy consumption bills. That’s a con, along with the noise levels of many of these system types. However, the main pro to a mitigation system installation is that it’s an effective way to reduce radon levels in your property.

Look for better customer service

If all things are equal, pick a company that provides excellent customer service. After all, you will run into problems sooner or later. Dealing with a customer service representative who’s pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful is one way to ensure you get through that transaction hassle-free. It’s going to be hard enough when problems happen. The assistance of a polite and friendly customer service can do a lot to change your day and relieve your stress levels.

Choose quality

Pick a company with a reputation for delivering results, one that has the right team and resources in place. That’s the best way to ensure the installation goes off without a hitch. For more information and an appointment, contact the professionals at S.W.A.T. Environmental now.

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