What Does Non-Denominational Mean? What Do They Do?

by | May 11, 2017 | Religion

If you are looking for a spiritual home in the Jacksonville area, you have a variety of options. You can stick to a conventional denomination or you might choose a Jacksonville non-denominational church. With the long name, though, you might be confused about what non-denominational means. You might also wonder what these congregations do.

Denominational vs. Non-Denominational

Understanding the meaning of a non-denominational church requires you to first understand what a denominational church is. Basically, a denominational church is one that is part of a larger organization that has some sort of control over it. You might consider the Baptist, Assembly of God, or Methodist churches to be good examples of denominations, although there are many others. Non-denominational congregations, then, are independent bodies that don’t answer directly to any specific governing body.


If you grew up in a denominational congregation, you might wonder if a non-denominational church is biblical. That’s a good question, since denominational doctrine can often cloud a person’s belief system. As such, it can be easy to confuse God-given faith components from those devised by human spiritual leaders. Fortunately, you need look no further than the Bible for support for a Jacksonville non-denominational church.

In the book of Acts, Christians read about the early church. Paul and Barnabas took the gospel to congregations throughout the land, instructing them to worship and pray but not binding them to any denominational authority. Later, Christians gathered in Jerusalem to discuss doctrine but not to establish a hierarchy. Similarly, throughout the gospel, churches worked independently, communicating doctrine through letters but not exercising authority over each other. Thus, you could describe each of those early churches as non-denominational congregations.


Once you understand the definition and biblical basis of non-denominational churches, you might wonder what they do. Regardless of whether the congregation belongs to a denomination or not, you should probably judge its actions based on how it worships. Those that closely follow the Word of God are generally the most effective ones. Remember, God calls Christians to pray, serve, honor, trust, and obey. Non-denominational churches should follow these admonitions carefully. They also should have an outreach program designed to bring sheep into the flock.

If you are looking for a new spiritual home, you have a variety of options in Jacksonville. While your upbringing might push you toward a denominational congregation, you might consider a Jacksonville non-denominational church. These independent, bible-based houses of God are frequently a tremendous place to worship.

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