Louisville Employees Deserve Protection From Physical and Digital Threats

There are many steps that companies can take to keep their workers and their data safe from intruders or hackers. For instance, installing a security camera system in Louisville, KY, can help companies keep track of who enters and exits their premises. The use of network monitoring tools can help to keep an eye on who accesses a network and how those individuals interact with it.

The Importance of Building Security

Creating a building security plan that includes the use of a security camera system in Louisville, KY, is one important step in ensuring that workers are safe from outside threats. If a former worker were to be given access to a work area, he or she could physically assault a former manager or colleague.

That person could also look to steal toxic or other hazardous materials that could be used to harm those in an office or warehouse. In some cases, allowing only authorized individuals into a work area can prevent someone from gaining access to information on a server or a specific computer.

The Importance of Network Security

A corporate network may have a variety of sensitive information stored on it. For instance, the network could have trade secrets, contracts with other companies or data about its employees. Stolen employee data could be used to commit financial fraud or otherwise damage a person’s reputation. In addition to making sure that a network is secured from the inside, it should be secured against outside threats as well.

One way to guard against an outside threat is to prevent workers from bringing their personal devices to work. This could stop a device that is potentially infected with malware from being allowed to connect to a company’s network. Companies may also want to consider banning thumb drives or anything else an employee brings from home from being allowed to connect to an employer’s network.

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