Mattress Protectors Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Once And For All

Bed bugs can cause a wide variety of problems. Not only are they bad for your health and cause skin rashes, red spots, itchy skin, runny noses, watery eyes and breathing problems, but they also can cause psychological issues as well. People who have experienced the horror of bed bugs often have trouble sleeping and suffer from increased anxiety and higher amounts of stress. Dealing with bed bugs can be a very traumatic and stressful event that effects not just an individual, but the entire family. This is why it is so important to have mattress protectors in your home to prevent bed bugs from wreaking havoc on your home and life.

Steps to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you already have bed bugs in your home there are four steps that you will need to take to get rid of them and get your home healthy and pest free again. These simple steps will help you get a better night sleep from the first day that you implement them.

1. Step One – Treat the Bedding – if you already have bed bugs you will need to kill them. Most bed bugs hide in the mattress and box springs. Start be striping the bed of all blankets, sheets and pillows and put everything into trash bags to keep the bed bugs contained so they don’t spread out to other parts of the house. Wash the bedding in hot water and use high heat to dry them. This will kill any bugs or eggs that are inside your bedding.

2. Step Two – Vacuum –while you are washing all of your bedding take your mattress off your box spring and move your box spring off your frame. Use a high quality HEPA vacuum and thoroughly go over every part of the mattresses on both sides. Don’t forget to get the seams and the frame of your bed as well.

3. Step Three – Cleaning – Use a high powered steam cleaner to get deep into your mattresses to kill any bugs. Then spray everything down with a bed bug spray.

4. Step One – Encase Your Mattress – encasing your entire mattress with mattress protectors that are specifically designed to get rid of bed bugs. This will trap and kill any bugs that may have survived your cleanings and It will help keep new bed bugs from getting inside your mattress. A good cover will provide years of protections against bed bug infestations. Be sure to cover your pillows and box springs as well for complete protection against bed bugs.