Some Benefits Of Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore

A minor fender bender can result in some expensive repair, even if the damage is only to the body of the car. If your car has a dent that needs repair, you can go the traditional route, which often involves cutting a new piece of sheet metal and painting it to match your car’s exterior or using a combination of fillers and paint. Nowadays, a faster and less expensive procedure known as paintless dent removal is an alternative.

The process of paintless dent removal begins by accessing the back side of the dent. This could involve removing or partially disassembling the part of the body where the dent is located. Once the technician can easily get to the dent, he or she uses slow pressure, beginning at the perimeter of the damaged area and moving inward, to smooth out the dent. There are several benefits of using paintless dent removal in Baltimore.

For one thing, paintless dent removal is nearly undetectable. It gives a much better result than traditional dent removal, in part because it is very difficult to match paint and surface texture. For this reason, paintless dent removal can help you protect your car’s value.

In addition, paintless dent removal is an environmentally friendly choice. Traditional dent repair involves a whole range of chemicals from filler to primer, paint, clearcoats, and paint thinners. You’ll be sending none of these chemicals into the air or the landfill if you opt for the paintless method.

Paintless dent removal saves time and money. Many companies offer this type of a repair as a mobile service. The technician comes to you and makes the repair right away. Traditional body repair might involve a long wait in the garage. Moreover, since so few materials and so little manpower are used, the cost is much lower.

If you have major damage to your car body that involves the paint, traditional dent repair may be your only option. However, if you have a shallow dent with no chipped paint, consider using paintless dent removal in Baltimore. Get more information about paintless dent removal from an experienced detailing business.