Need a Tree Removed? Call a Tree Removal Service in St. Petersburg

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Tree Services

Is it time to think about having a tree on your property removed? Trees that are diseased or dying can topple over and cause catastrophic damage. Given the storms that occur in Pinellas County, even a healthy tree can be a menace if it’s growing in the wrong place and a hurricane-force wind uproots it. How can you tell if you need tree removal in St Petersburg, FL?

The Tree is Leaning

Most trees are not perfectly vertical, but if you notice that a tree has really started to lean, it might be time to have it removed. The problem is especially urgent if the tree is leaning toward a structure or over utility wires.

The Tree is Dead or Very Diseassed

You can tell that a tree is doing poorly because it lacks leaves or needles in the growing season, its branches grow brittle and snap off, or its bark starts to peel. Other signs of a dying tree are cracks that run up the trunk, wounds that don’t heal, or wood that’s been severely damaged by lightning.

The Tree Has Invasive Roots

Trees are beautiful, but some of them have roots that are so invasive that they pose a threat to your sewer drain. Sometimes tiny veins can clog a drain so completely that they cause the pipe to crack, which necessitates an expensive repair.

If you’ve come to the sad conclusion that you need tree removal in St Petersburg, FL, don’t hesitate to contact Happy’s Tree Service. Find them at

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