New York-Based Video Closed Captioning Services from an Award-Winning Company

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Business

Thanks to the proliferation of online video sharing sites and digital distribution of high definition video programming, the business needs for new content are higher than ever. Whether you are working on a short form video or a feature-length production, you will most likely want (or need) to video closed captioning services for distribution purposes. This might be due to federal guidelines, depending on your employer, or you may simply want to make your production as accessible to a wide audience as possible. Regardless of your needs, you will want service that is reliable, efficient and known for high quality work.

When determining a closed caption provider, it pays to find a provider with a long pedigree. This ensures a long history of successful work and a chance to research work that the company has previously done for other clients. Additionally, if you can find a list of previous (or ongoing) clients, you will have an extra level of comfort and security knowing that you are working with trusted professionals. Depending on the work history of the company, you might even find one that’s won awards for its work. When it comes to post-production work like captioning, you want to work with the best company you find, as the final work on your projects is the most crucial.

If you are in need of assistance or service with video closed captioning services, or you are interested in information about it, please check out Chromavision either by visiting them online or contacting them at 212-686-7366.

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