Order a Dumpster in San Antonio TX for a Fast Cleanup

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Waste Management Service

There are items thrown away as trash that are actually recyclable items. Many waste management companies provide recycling containers to their customers that make sorting much easier. For instance, collecting newspapers, cardboard, and plastic bottles in various containers helps to reduce the quantity of trash entering municipal landfills. Sanitation companies in the San Antonio area work with industrial companies, commercial companies and in residential areas. When a new company or family moves into one of the areas they service, all they have to do is log onto their website and request service.

Requesting Service is Easy

Log onto Tiger Sanitation to get an overview of all the services customers can request. Weekly pickups, roll-offs, dumpsters, and recycling services are available for all the company’s customers. Commercial companies can request a Dumpster in San Antonio TX to be left at their place of business in an out-of-the-way area. When it’s full, the sanitation company will stop by and pick it up and bring one back for the next pickup. Customers can also ask about recycling and how to separate items for pickup. Bill-Pay is also available just by clicking the page on the website. There’s an FAQ page for customers who have further questions about their service.

Curbside Collections

For individuals who are away from home a lot due to their job or family, all they have to do is place their waste into the 95-gallon waste bin the sanitation company provides. Another bin provided has the capacity of four 13-gallon trash bags. In essence, the company wants its customers to realize how flexible they are. If extra-large items that won’t fit in either bin need to be picked up, ordering a Dumpster in San Antonio TX is a good solution. Simply give the company a call and let them know. They’ve found out that being flexible has led to the exponential growth of their company.

Reviews of Other Customers

Log onto the website listed above to read the rave reviews received from caring people who work at the company. From the customer representatives who assist customers with the set-up of accounts to the service employees who pick up the trash, all are respectful to customers. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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