The Past Is The Past: Reconsider A Boat Share In Pittwater

Sharing is fast becoming the best way to travel, live, work, and more. The sharing economy is booming with shared vehicles, shared bedrooms, shared space, and so much more. However, when it comes to boats and yachts, could a boat share in Pittwater really be everything you could hope for? With Luxury Boat Syndicates, the answer could be yes.

What It Doesn’t Mean

When most people think of sharing, they focus on family or friends. While your best friend or neighbour could also consider a boat share in Pittwater, you will not be sharing the costs with them. Instead, you and many other strangers will purchase part of the vessel. This gives you all equal rights to the boat, and you can sell your share or wait until the syndicate period is over to sell and buy a new vessel.

You Have Control

You will never be kicked off the boat when it is your scheduled time to use it. Nor will you be required to wait months to have access. The management company you choose will ensure that everything is as fair as possible for all owners.

Insurance And Costs

You will likely share the cost of insurance and everything else with all other owners. The management company you choose will charge you one fee each month (or as determined by your contract). You pay that one fee and everything is covered, including maintenance, cleaning, insurance and more. Likewise, you will be required to pay for the fuel you use, but it will be billed to you appropriately, monthly or biweekly, depending on the season and your contract.

Better For The Vessel

A boat share in Pittwater benefits your vessel, as well. Boats are designed to be on the water, not just sitting in the marina. When it’s just sitting, it can lead to barnacles, weathering, and more problems.