Planning Activities For All Ages When You’re Hosting Jacksonville Parties

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Venues & Event Spaces

When you’re hosting an event indoors, you need to have a few activities planned so that your guests can have fun instead of sitting and talking for the entire time. Since many indoor events have children who attend, try to plan activities that they will enjoy. Consider the ages of the people who will participate in the indoor activities in Jacksonville, FL, venues as you want to offer a variety for everyone.

Laser Tag

This is a fun game that doesn’t require a lot of planning. You’re going to get vests that are either painted different colors or that have bright stripes on them. Make sure you use stripes that are one color on about five vests at a time so that you have enough teams for the game. Divide players into teams, giving each person a small laser gun or even a toy gun that shoots soft balls. When someone gets hit while running and hiding, that person sits down until the last player standing wins.

Balloon Games

One of the indoor activities in Jacksonville, FL, that you can play is balloon tennis. Everyone pairs off so that one person hits a balloon to another. The goal of the game is to try to keep the balloon from hitting the ground as long as possible. Another game with balloons involves filling them with shaving cream and getting pairs of players to try to pop them by sitting on them. You could also use whipped cream in the balloons.

Obstacle Course

You can make an indoor obstacle course with as many or as few details as you want depending on who will run through the course. Another option would be to hire a company to set the course up for you or bring an inflatable course that is already designed.

Contact Bravoz Entertainment Center at website for more information about the games that you can design for your event.

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