Post Card Creation

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Printing

Business owners and managers face many challenges. One of the biggest is connecting with the market. In this rapidly evolving digital age, one of the best ways to make these important connections is “old school” direct mail marketing. A tried and proven method of direct mail marketing is the use of well-designed postcards. Regardless of your business, printing services are great ways of connecting with customers and potential customers. A postcard may appear simple, but it is an effective way to share information, increase brand awareness and increase the customer base.

Business owners now have email and social media marketing at their disposal. Are postcards still effective? The answer is an emphatic “yes.” Unlike email, which is often passed over and left unopened, postcards are almost certain to be seen. As a business owner or manager, postcards give you an excellent opportunity to get the attention of people. When compared to other forms of printed advertising, postcards are more likely to be seen because there is no need to open an envelope. Postcards designed and printed by Creative Printing & Publishing eliminate the barrier created by an envelope. Postcards increase the chances considerably that the message will be received and read.

There are two key elements of marketing material, regardless of whether it is digital or prepared on a digital full-color press. The material must have effective content and effective design. The cards content and its graphic design must work “hand-in-hand.” Although the design may be the more exciting of the two prerequisites, the content of the card drives the message home. First, focus on the message you want to convey. There is limited “real-estate” with a postcard, stick with one idea. If you attempt to put too much on the card, chances are it will confuse the recipient. Once you have developed the message, you can move on to determining your target audience and the call to action. Just remember, when creating a postcard, more is not always better. Keep things simple.

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