How to Prepare for Your Professional Window Cleaning

How to Prepare for Your Professional Window Cleaning

After a period of consideration, you’ve finally come to the decision to seek out professional help for residential window cleaning in Nassau County. While this step is sure to be helpful for you as you manage your home, there are a few things you may want to do to prepare for that initial visit. Here is a list of important steps to follow.

Remove All Screens on Your Windows

Screens are especially susceptible to accumulating outside dust. This is why they should be removed prior to having your windows cleaned by a professional in residential window cleaning in Nassau County. You should also wipe them down with a damp cloth or cleaning products to get rid of residue and dirt.

Consult with the Professional About Any Other Tasks They Might Perform

Some professionals involved in residential window cleaning in Nassau County can also take care of other types of work around the house. If there are any other small tasks you need completed, ask the professional if they offer that service. This could include cleaning off ceiling fixtures and replacing light bulbs that have burnt out or broken. Ideally, you should ask about this prior to hiring. That way, you will know whether they can handle the job, as well as any additional costs you may have to cover.

Give Your Blinds a Wash Too

Your blinds are just as susceptible to gathering dirt and grime as your windows. Worst of all, they can pass the mess that has accumulated onto them to your windows, even once they have already been cleaned. You don’t want to risk undoing all of the work you’ve hired the professional to do in the first place. Wipe and dust your blinds prior to placing them back into your windows.

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