The Reasons Professionals Choose Makita Power Tools

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Business

While the brand and the reputation of a brand is not important in all aspects of construction, it is critical when it comes to all types of tools. This includes hand tools as well as power tools with the recognized brands always the best option.

One of the most internationally recognized brands is Makita. Their line of power tools can be found used across the globe and from construction sites and workplaces in every country and region.
The reasons that Makita power tools continue to be the brand of choice for professionals also make them a good option for do-it-yourself projects and home use, which adds to the versatility of the line.

For professionals using the industrial models of Makita power tools, the following reasons are the key to the popularity of the brand:

  • Quality craftsmanship – all Makita tools are designed, engineered and manufactured with quality craftsmanship in mind. They are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to operate, which is an essential consideration when using the tools throughout the day.
  • Power options – most of the Makita power tools on the market now come with the option for standard electrical power as well as models that run on lithium-ion batteries that offer higher motor efficiency as well as a much longer battery life than older battery powered models and options.
  • Setting selections – with many of the types of power tools from Makita, the professional can choose from the speed of operation, impacts per minute, rotation speed and other factors based on the specific type of tool. This allows for precision work that can be adjusted to the specific application.
  • Ease of operation – from the one-touch removal of bits, blades and components to ergonomically designed soft handles that both cushion and provide extra control through operation, these tools are designed with professionals in mind.

The company is also on the cutting edge in developing new tool technology to increase performance, efficiency and operator safety. Together, these factors make Makita a top brand to consider.

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