Reasons to Seek Premarital Counseling in NYC

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Business

The number of marriages that end in divorce is depressing. No one gets married and thinks that will be the future outcome for them. Part of the problem is many couples get married without really discussing the important issues. Sure, they love each other, but they don’t talk about family, careers, money management, etc.

Premarital counseling in NYC can help a couple to determine if they are ready for marriage. The decision may be made that they need more time to get to know each other. There may be issues already in motion that are red flags for the future of their commitment to each other. For example, poor communication can damage a marriage.

Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses

Premarital counseling isn’t to discourage couples from getting married. It is to help them go into the union with a solid foundation in place. The counselor can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this information, they can offer feedback. The couple can make a commitment to take the information provided and use it to help them make their relationship better.

This may include engaging in various exercises such as communication models and behavior changes. Expressing emotions and concerns in a safe environment is encouraged. Both individuals may have doubts that could hinder the marriage. Putting them on the table to be discussed isn’t always easy but it can help make a huge difference in the future happiness of the couple.

Learning about Each Other

We all come with baggage that isn’t always easy to talk about. Premarital counseling can be a time for that to come to the surface. Being open and honest about past relationships, worries, and even preconceptions about marriage is very important. These can be problem areas that cause fights and conflicts for a married couple. Learning about them now can make a difference in how they will be handled.

The number of couples who get married and don’t know enough about each other is amazing. The truth is people often only see what we want to share with them. Be ready for some tough exercises and challenging topics to come up in these counseling sessions.

Explore the Commitment

Once the sessions are over, the couple will have a better picture of how things are with the relationship. They may decide they are ready to move forward with the wedding plans. They may decide they need to spend more time with each other or working on individual concerns before they do so. It can be an eye-opening experience where there is plenty of growth on various levels. It is important for both people to be committed to the counseling and to be honest in the sessions. That is the only way it offers true value. Visit here for more information.

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