Safe Household Cleaning, a Floor Cleaning Product in San Antonio TX That is Safe for the Pets of Clients

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Janitorial Equipment Supplier

There is an ongoing discussion about housecleaning products that are not very safe for people. They have strong chemicals, and can be a mild hazard in the home. But, not as much is discussed for a household Floor Cleaning Product in San Antonio TX that is safe for pets. Their noses are pointed to the floor the majority of the time. They often sleep on the floor, and they play on the floor. Why is this not a topic of discussion? Estimates from the EPA suggest that 50% of all illnesses in pets derive from indoor air pollution related to cleaning products.

Why would someone be concerned about pets? In a business environment, it may not be a major argument for earning more business. A warehouse cleaner would not have to be concerned. But, any company that works in a residential capacity should be concerned. Home cleaning companies will want to tout that their products are safe for their loveliest of pets. Buffers and burnishers can use chemicals that are advertised safe. It is a marketing approach that residents of nursing homes, small businesses that allow dogs, hotel chains, and other clients will respect.

It is not hard to see this statistic make sense. Ammonia, bleach, laundry detergent, and other chemicals are notorious for their chemical qualities, toxins, and distinct smell. Who has a better ability to smell than a human? Thankfully, there are a few options for a Floor Cleaning Product in San Antonio TX that is safe for pets.

The industrial laundry options are not traditionally safe for pets, but they do not need to be. Their focus is on the utmost quality and cleaning of advanced equipment by the standard needed. Tide laundry has a few pet-safe options. Visit the website of for items that fit the bill. Ask a representative for more on pet-safe items that clients will appreciate. Any company working within a residential capacity will want to use products that are appealing. Nothing will turn away a client faster than saying the chemicals are not safe for their pet, and that is becoming a more well-understood concern.

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