Seek Comfort and Assistance While Meeting a California Funeral Director

by | Mar 18, 2021 | funeral

After the passing of a family member, one of the people you’ll likely meet with is a funeral director. This is someone who can walk you through the grief process and who can help you with funeral arrangements. Here are a few things that you could occur when you meet with this person at the funeral home.


One of the things that a funeral director in Oakland, CA, tries to do is provide comfort for your family. This could be by talking to you or simply giving a hug to show that someone cares and understands what you’re going through at the time. When you’re at the funeral home, the director will usually let you sit or stand in a visitation room with the person who has passed so that you have time to say your good-byes.

Funeral and Burial Details

If funeral arrangements haven’t already been made by the person who passed away, then a funeral director in Oakland, CA, can discuss the options that are available. You can look at caskets and the details about various types of services that can be performed. If the person will be cremated, then you can look at urns and other containers for the remains.

Legal Documents

After all of the funeral details have been planned, there are a few documents that you’ll need to complete. These can be reviewed and signed with the help of the director. You’ll need to give information so that an obituary can be written and so that the death certificate can be completed and filed.

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