Should You Buy an Inkjet or Laser Printer?

Should You Buy an Inkjet or Laser Printer?

Are you searching for the right printer but unsure what type of printer you should purchase? Investing in an inkjet or laser printer can both bring great benefits, but they are typically used in different settings and for different types of printing jobs. The important question you can ask yourself to help determine what printer to buy is how much you plan on printing and what you plan on printing. The answer to this question can answer your question of what printer you should buy.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers now make up much of the market because they are capable of printing pretty much everything. They can print charts, graphs, essays, glossy photos, and a variety of other projects. Not only do these printers have the ability to print all of these items, but they can do so with a very quick speed. These printers can be best if you are planning on printing a wide variety of content, much of which may include color.

Laser Printers

If you are looking for a printer specifically for monochrome printing, your cheapest option may be a laser printer. While these can still provide high-quality printing, they can be found for much cheaper when compared to an inkjet printer. This type of printer is suitable for many types of settings, whether it be used for an office at work or in your home. You can purchase a monochrome, or black and white printer, for a very affordable price, and it can print photos and other content for a cheaper price than an inkjet that prints color. You can consider how often you may need to print in color. If you rarely or never use color but comprise most of your printing for written content, then a monochrome inkjet printer may be best. Inkjet printer ink cartridges for monochrome printers can also be much cheaper. You can also purchase color laser printers, but they can cost more. If you are looking for a very high-quality color printer, you may want to consider an inkjet printer.

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