Smog Check: Essentials You Need to Know

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Business

Smog check: what is it?

The Smog Check is a part of the state’s efforts to keep the air clean, says Edmunds. Smog checks help pinpoint which cars are generating excess emissions. Once that’s done, the next step is to have these cars repaired to reduce harmful emissions in the air.

Why do it?

One of the best reasons to get these checks at a licensed Star Smog Check in Fairfield is to reduce the repair costs you’ll end up with in case your car fails the test. While it’s understandably a hassle for many car owners, there’s plenty you can do to ensure your car gets a clean bill of health.

How to pass?

Check your engine light and see if it’s being caused by an automatic check failure. Get it fixed before the test. If it’s being caused by a faulty oxygen sensor, replacing that can resolve your problems easily enough. Another step you can take is to change your oil but only if the oil is already dirty with pollutants which could compromise the results of the smog check. An inspection, checking your coolant as well as gas levels and ensuring your tires aren’t busted are all handy ways to help your ride pass the smog check.

Do I need one?

Not all cars need to be taken to a Star Smog Check in Fairfield. If you drive an electric-powered car or a motorcycle, then you’re exempt from the Smog check program. However, if your car is already 4 to 6 years old, then you’ll need to get your car to a testing station.

Where to go?

Look for a station that’s licensed to perform smog checks. A station that’s near where you live or work and one that offers flexible hours so you can take your ride in for a test before you go to work or during the weekends makes for a good option.

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