Some of the Many Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Marys in Detroit

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Biz Hybrid

Whether you are visiting Illinois or already live in the Detroit area, you may be looking for a Roman Catholic Church. St. Marys in Detroit is a great church to visit for several reasons. Here’s what you can expect when visiting this church.

The Architecture

This church is Detroit’s third oldest church that’s of the Roman Catholic faith. Because of the church’s age, it has some stunning architecture. Many of the interior features are similar to those found in Roman Catholic Churches in Germany.

Feeling of Community

Visitors feel a warm welcome when they are visiting this church. The clergy looks forward to meeting visitors, and they will do everything they can in order to make them feel as if they are already part of the church community. They are available to answer questions about the church or the community in general. This church is open to everyone, and many people travel quite a distance in order to take part in the church’s devotions, traditions and customs.

Presence of Jesus

Individuals can’t help but feel the presence of Jesus while they are here. Each mass aligns with Roman Catholic beliefs. There are also a variety of different mass times to choose from as well, so most visitors can find one that easily fits into their busy schedule.

If you are looking for a Roman Catholic church in Illinois, St. Marys in Detroit is a great option. They offer a welcoming environment to both regulars and visitors of the area. Visit their website at to learn more.

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