Speed Up Your Order Fulfillment Using a Shrink-Wrapping Machine

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Business

Fast order fulfillment is a big deal when supplying customers with products or materials from your facility. An industrial shrink-wrap machine helps you speed up the process and get more out of the door on a daily basis. Here are some reasons why these machines are a good idea.

User-Friendly Shrink-Wrapping Machines

No one likes the thought of investing in equipment that’s hard to use or requires weeks of intensive training for employees to become proficient at operating. You can choose industrial shrink-wrapping equipment so simple to operate that nearly anyone can master the skills within minutes. It allows for greater flexibility when placing employees in business positions that might otherwise be reserved for management personnel. You can also reduce your labor costs on slower days and still get the job done.

Pack More Items on One Pallet

Knowing you can safely shrink-wrap larger pallet loads and get them successfully to their destination, making over-size pallet loads, is no longer out of the question. It saves space in transport and allows you to add more desired pieces to each load going out. An industrial shrink-wrap machine is capable of handling over-size loads and oddly shaped objects with ease. All items will be securely fastened to the pallet.

Reduce Pallet Handling Time

You need a shrink-wrap machine that can do the job while the pallet is still on the forklift. Less set-up equipment and procedures reduce the time it takes to handle each pallet of products being shipped. Having to mess with conveyance systems and specialized wrapping equipment takes a larger bite out of your labor budget than it should.

Get orders out to your customer base faster and with less hassle using a quality shrink-wrap machine to secure your pallet loads. You can feel confident that your loads will reach their destination with reduced damage or loss claims.

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