The Three Major Types Of Vets in Chicago

The Three Major Types Of Vets in Chicago

Vets in Chicago are animal doctors. They provide a variety of services to ensure their patients remain healthy. They also perform surgery, give vaccinations against certain diseases, prescribe medicine and address other health issues. They offer nutritional guidance and even sell specialized food. Veterinarians also specialize in their fields. While there are many different types of vets, in Chicago, you are most likely to draw on the expertise of three basic types: Companion, Exotic and Mixed.

Companion Animal Veterinarians

This is the stereotypical veterinarian. Companion animal veterinarians focus on companion animals. In general, these are dogs and cats. A practice of this type usually provides all general requirements. These include annual check-ups, shots, spaying, neutering and medical monitoring. Companion animal vets in Chicago may also have the facilities to perform complicated surgical procedures. They may or may not have 24/7 monitoring of animals in their clinics or vet hospitals.

Exotic Animal Veterinarians

This type of vet usually addresses the needs of more “exotic” pets. In Chicago, this may refer to various types of birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Small animals include ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas and even potbellied pigs.

Mixed practice

Some veterinarian practices offer their services to all types of companion animals. They provide check-ups, vaccinations, surgical procedures and other health-related services to both exotic and companion animals. Moreover, some may address the needs of large animals as well. This includes horses, cows, and sheep.

Vets in Chicago

Vets are available in a variety of types. They may work in labs, animal shelters, on farms and out of city clinics. Vets in Chicago tend to fall into one of three categories. They may only provide their services to companion animals. Alternatively, they may focus on the care of exotic pets. Usually, there tends to be an overlapping of veterinarian services. Their practice may combine exotic and companion animal services.

Naturally, there is quite a bit of overlap between fields of veterinary medicine. Mixed practice veterinarians generally work with both small and large animals.