Three Types of Physical Therapy

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Sports Medicine Clinic

After an accident, to regain mobility, your doctor will often refer you to a physical therapist. Through exercises, guidance and support, the goal is to help you become as independent as possible again. If you are suffering from a condition that restricts your mobility, a therapist will assess your status. Then, they will work with you to maintain the movement you have left and help you feel as comfortable as possible. Physical therapy in Bedminster Township, NJ, can be specialized.

Here are three types of available to you based on condition.


Getting older is not easy. How you age is largely determined by the way you cared for yourself in your early years. Everything catches up as your body begins to deteriorate. Your muscles and skeleton begin to experience the load they have been supporting and carrying. If you were accustomed to repetitive motions that were not ergonomically-correct, the negative effects will show up eventually. A physical therapist who specializes in geriatric care listens to your circumstances and symptoms. Then, they develop a plan for care.


After an injury, to help your muscles become strong again, you may be referred to a therapist who has experience dealing with orthopedic cases. With injuries, the way muscles and the area heal can be unpredictable. Strategies can be used to ensure nothing locks up. Scar tissue is also a concern, especially for those who participate in professional and amateur sports. A therapist can also work with those who have older injuries.


If you are negatively impacted by heart or circulation issues, getting physical therapy in Bedminster Township, NJ, can help you. Therapy for cardiovascular issues aim to help patients improve their endurance as well as the strength of the muscles most important to your heart and circulation for improved independence.

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