Tips Suffolk County, NY, Homeowners Can Use for Cesspool Maintenance

If you live in many parts of Suffolk County, NY, particularly in the older or more rural areas, you undoubtedly have a cesspool on the property. These are underground containers that are used to store and process wastewater from the home, allowing bacteria to break up organic material and to allow the water to drain into the surrounding soil.

There are several types of cesspools from very old styles to new and more modern options with more expansive filtering systems and advanced septic tanks. With new installations of these essential systems, be sure to follow all manufacturer’s recommendation for both installation and maintenance. Always hire a professional, experienced cesspool service company to complete installation and to handle pumping of the system every three to five years.

Basic Tips for Maintenance

There are some simple cesspool maintenance tasks that help to extend the time between system servicing. These tips are also beneficial in maximizing the efficiency of the cesspool and preventing problems.

  • Avoid flooding the system by continually running water down the drains or using a lot of water at one time.
  • Replace any leaking taps to prevent excessive water in the system.
  • Do not use excessively harsh cleaners for fixtures in the home. This can result in the chemicals killing the bacteria in the tank that complete the basic cesspool maintenance for you.
  • Do not use any type of products that are sold as “septic system cleaners” unless approved by your cesspool maintenance professional.
  • Have the septic tank or cesspool cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Do not use the sink or the toilets to dispose of chemicals, fats or grease or large amounts of organic materials such as food waste, coffee grounds or other types of paper products (other than toilet paper).

Watch for signs of problems with the drainage system from the home. Contact your Suffolk County, NY, cesspool service provider if you have any questions or notice changes in the way the drains are functioning.