Top 5 Most Essential Items to Send to Recycling Companies in Baltimore

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Recycling

Did you know that America collects approximately 100 billion pieces of junk every year? It accounts for about 848 pieces of junk from every household. The statistics go to show the level of junk that is produced by the various manufacturing companies. When these wastes land in the fields to be burnt, they contribute highly to the emission of the greenhouse gases.

The following are some of the essential items that one should always send to Recycling Companies in Baltimore.

Plastic Bottles, jars, cans, and such: It takes only a few days for these can and bottles to be manufactured and reach to the consumers. However, it takes long for most users to take the bottles for recycling and most of them end up clogging the environment.

Scrap metal: There are certain homes that have lots of electronics or metal items that are defective or old and in an irreparable state. Such, can be sold to the recycling companies and help one get an extra dollar. That can assist in decongesting the house and at the same time provide raw material to manufacture something incredible from the scrap material.

Automotive parts such as tires, batteries and other junk. To one, these are old and useless junk. The recycling companies in Baltimore have the expertise to turn these into usable material that can be useful to other people.

Construction site debris: During a construction, a lot of debris is left over. Recycling companies can help to clean up the rubble, sort it and re-use the part that is useful. This helps the constructor to clean up the site after the construction and also provides a raw material in another area.

Water: This is one of the most important items always to re-use and recycle. Certain recycling companies help to install a water recycling plant in the home compound. Such a system is essential in reducing the amount of water that is used in various activities in the compound.

In conclusion, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works has strict guidelines on recycling. It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that they keep the environment clean and safe by putting up items for recycling one’s they are not in use. Get more information on recycling here.

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