Top Three Foods That Are Awesome in Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

Top Three Foods That Are Awesome in Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

When it comes to owning an outdoor pizza oven, many people don’t realize you can cook so much more than pizza. From potato chips to apple berry cobbler, the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, read on to find a few of the top foods you can cook in your pizza oven any time and make your family’s night.

Potato Chips

Who would have thought you could prepare potato chips in outdoor pizza ovens? These yummy treats are so easy to make; you peel your potatoes and coat the thin pieces in olive oil. Once baked, you have potato chips the whole family will love and ask for time again.

Apple or Berry Cobbler

Of course, you are going to make a pizza or two for a meal before you make dessert, but when you do, you should try apple or berry cobbler in your new outdoor pizza oven. You can make this treat in any oven, of course, but in the pizza oven, it is crispier and the flavors seem to come to life.

Lamb Stew with Veggies Included

While chips and cobbler are to die for out of a pizza oven, you need to go for a healthy meal as well. That is where lamb stew and veggies cooked to perfection make quite a hit with your family. Add some cinnamon, other spices and a pinch of lemon zest and you have quite a feast.

These are just a few of the treats your outdoor pizza ovens can make. With a little research, you can learn more.