Two Factors Affecting Choice of Gear Oil Additives

The increasing demands of industry places stress on the gears that keep the wheels of progress and production moving. To help stabilize the lubricant so it continues to operate maximumly and stable thermally while protecting the gears and gearbox from heat and contaminants can be difficult. Using gear oil additives is the best method to address a variety of issues. However, choosing the right type must be dependent upon understanding two basic factors.

Two Factors

Many factors affect the choice of what additives are introduced into gear oil. The two most influential are:

  1. The Environment: Changes in the environment influence what additives to use. Harsher temperatures, extreme cold and heat, can compromise a gear system. Both low and elevated temperatures not only require greater protection for gear systems but also demand the replacement of gear oil additives sooner under temperate weather conditions.
  1. Gearbox Size: Today’s gearboxes tend not to be large. They are smaller and constructed from newer materials. Reducing the size of the gearbox while demanding a higher performance level decreases the levels of lubrication. Yet, an increase in equipment loads also means the elevation of temperatures and faster oxidation. Both negatively impact gear oils, producing sludge. This, like extreme temperatures, reduces the longevity of the gear and the oil.

Choosing the Right Gear Oil Additives

When it comes to “greasing the wheels,” it is important to select only the right additives. Consider major factors such as the environment and gearbox size. These will help you make the correct choice.