Using a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tumwater, WA to Prove a Business Was Not Negligent

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

When a business owner is told someone fell on their property, they will probably feel concerned about the matter. If, however, the person made a false claim and did not really become injured at all, the need for a personal injury lawyer in Tumwater, WA comes into play. If the owner does not fight against these false allegations, they are at risk of having their insurance premiums become a higher cost.

First, the lawyer will find out if the falsified injury is documented by a medical professional. If so, they may be able to obtain information about their condition. In other instances, this may not come into play until the case goes into court. Having the person followed by a private investigator may show they are not as injured as they claim. They might be seen engaging in activities their injury would not allow them to do. If this is the case, the court will look at this as unfavorable behavior, possibly not allowing them to continue their lawsuit.

Having witnesses is one of the best ways to prove an injury has been faked. Someone may have seen the person walking around on the properly, looking for a spot to cause a scene. There may be actual footage of their behavior if there was a camera in the area. Maybe a customer or person visiting the business had captured the fall on film. Make sure to take plenty of photographs of the area where the person had said they had fallen. If maintenance is done to this area, obtain documentation about when it was last cleaned or taken care of so the court will take this into consideration when making their decision on the case. The attorney will help gather this information and use their expertise to help prove the business was not at fault.

If someone needs a personal injury lawyer in Tumwater, WA, they can contact a professional practice in the area. Click here to find out more about a reliable law firm and make an appointment to discuss the case in more detail in a consultation appointment if desired.

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