Vitamins and Your Pet

Vitamins and Your Pet

Stores in Jacksonville, FL offer natural pet products that are the best way to provide your furry friend with a wholesome and nutritious diet. Animals benefit greatly from eating foods high in vitamins, just like their human counterparts. These nutrients help promote health for the animal’s whole body, including their fur, heart, liver, and more.

What kinds of vitamins does my pet need?

The needs of each pet are unique to them. Your veterinarian can provide advice regarding what food to use and whether or not additional supplements are needed.

Each animal relies on certain vitamins for their health. Cats’ bodies, for example, use omega-3 and omega-6 vitamins to keep their fur healthy and shiny. These fatty acids also promote heart health in cats, just as they do for humans. For dogs, Vitamin A strengthens teeth and bones and boosts their immune systems. Vitamin D keeps the thyroid healthy and helps prevent the development of cancer.

Pay attention to what your pet’s food is made of. The types of ingredients used, such as various meats, grains, and plants, will determine the vitamins the food provides. Foods made primarily of corn or grain probably won’t offer the full range of vitamins your pet needs to grow strong. Natural pet products from Jacksonville, FL pet stores are a good starting point for a healthy diet. A full list of the vitamins found in your pet’s food can be found on the packaging.

How can I be sure my pet is getting the vitamins they need?

Many brands of pet foods offer blends of nutrient-rich substances (with specific blends tailored for young, adult, and senior pets), though your animal’s diet can be supplemented with natural pet products like vitamin powders and tablets if you feel that they aren’t getting enough from their food. Some of the more outward signs of poor nutrition include lethargy, poor dental hygiene, an ill-maintained coat, and digestive problems. Sometimes all it takes is a moderate change in diet to see your furry friend perk up tremendously.

A well-managed diet with a boost from supplements is one of the best ways to be sure your pet gets the vitamins they need. Use natural pet products in Jacksonville, FL to keep your companion growing strong and healthy. When in doubt, check your local veterinarian to find out what natural pet products are best for your friend.