Waterproof, Ultra Durable Name Stickers with Quality Design Online

As a parent, one must constantly be planning ahead and buying multiples of items. One frustrating thing is spending hard-earned money on items only to find out it has been lost or switched at school, daycare, or camp. What a waste of money! At LabelDaddy.com, the customer is the priority and can put those frustrations to rest. They can customize any logo or sticker to label any items needed for school, camp, preschool, daycare, sports teams, and so much more!

LabelDaddy.com has something for each customer whether it be name labels for clothes or labels for water bottles. They understand money is not something to flush away, but instead managed for quality items that will stand the test of time. These name labels for clothes are 100% laundry safe. The easy steps are to go on the website and customize the labels. After the labels are customized, peel and stick the label to whatever item and simply wait for 24 hours until it is safe to wash. For items like water bottles or lunch boxes, these labels are also 100% dishwasher safe.

LableDaddy.com provides labels for small school supplies, notebooks, binders, jackets, bottles, shoes, and more. If the custom labels are for kids in school, they are great for organizing business and office spaces. They save money and save the client time by giving the quality and confidence that their label will stand the test of time.

Stop throwing money down the drain by replacing lost items. Go to Label Daddy and build the custom, waterproof, ultra-durable stickers.