Wedding Plans: Tips For Working With Your Bakery

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and a lot of difficult decisions. Choosing the ideal cake for your wedding should never be a chore. For most people, choosing the cake flavor and style is one of the fun choices they have to make, and it can be a wonderful tasting experience.

When choosing a bakery, consider a local company. A great example of a top option in a local company is Chantel’s Bakery. With cakes made and decorated by hand by people you know and trust, you have the comfort in knowing they take great pride in creating the masterpiece you are expecting on the big day.

The advantage of having the cake made close to MacLean, VA, is the bakery can also arrange delivery. This is ideal, especially in the warmer weather when longer trips in a vehicle and being exposed to differences in temperature can create problems for the decorations during cake delivery.

Cake Flavors and Frostings

There are no limits on what flavors can be selected by the bride and groom. There are always the classics of lemon, vanilla, and chocolate, but there is no need to be limited in the options to consider.

Seasonal flavors such as a strawberry cream cake for a summer wedding or a rich carrot cake for a fall wedding are always good choices. More exotic type of flavors are also possible, just try various options and be open to considering something outside of the most traditional for wedding cakes.

Traditional frostings include buttercream or fondant, but there are beautiful cakes made with ganache, whipped cream, cream cheese icings or other options. Talk to the baker and consider what is best for the cake flavor as well as the weather. Decorations and frosting options should also be considered based on where the cake will be displayed, particularly if it is an outdoor wedding.