What To Ask on a Visit To a Childcare Center

If you are like many parents in the Louisville KY area, you will need some type of professional childcare on a daily basis. There are many centers for childcare in Louisville KY to choose from but not all of them may be up to the standards that you have put in place for your child. Because of this, it is recommended that you visit a center for childcare in Louisville KY before you send your child. While visiting, you should be asking the following questions:

Can I Take a Look at the Center?

Meeting with the director and getting information face to face is important, but you should certainly ask to have a tour, as well. When touring, make sure you are going on a typical day and at a time when there are a lot of children there. You should look for signs of happiness when it comes to the children in the center when on the tour. This means that you should hear laughter, you should be able to see them play and you should be able to see the staff of the center interacting with the children. You should also look to see if the center is neat and clean and that the equipment available to the children are in good repair.

Can I See Your License and Other Documents?

You should be asking to see the license of the child care center before you leave your child there, as well as other documents like insurance. One top of that, you should ensure that all of the staff members in the building, even those that may not have direct asset to the children, have been put through a background check.

Can I Meet the Staff?

It is also suggested that you ask to meet the staff of the center, in particular, the staff that your child will be interacting with the most. Though it is great to meet the director, the director will not be in charge of the day to day care of your child. Meet the staff member or staff members who will be caring for your children and ask them specific questions like what they like to do with the children and how they care for them.

By asking these questions, you will be able to effectively ensure that your child is well taken care of when you cannot be there yourself.

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