Read These Sobering Facts Regarding the Need for Security in Louisville, KY

Kentucky has changed rapidly over time. Most of the state back then consisted of a small population count and rural farmlands. This state today has become a favorite relocation spot for many. Some of the larger cities here now are facing increases in crime. Read these sobering facts regarding the need for effective security in Louisville, KY.

Recent Crime Statistics for the Louisville KY Area

Law enforcement experts state that someone currently living in Louisville, KY, has an approximate 1 in 139 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. The statistics on property-related crimes, such as burglaries, home intrusions and vandalism, suggest approximately 1 out of every 24 properties become crime scenes.

These are sobering figures about security indeed, and many inhabitants of this city are fearful for their own safety and their family’s safety even when relaxing at home or when working.

Find Well-Trained Armed or Unarmed Security Guard Service

Many wealthy individuals hire their own security from a Louisville, KY, security outfit that can provide well-trained armed or unarmed security guards to walk the perimeter of a property or man a security gate checkpoint. Many businesses also hire this sort of security detail to protect the company’s valuable supplies and the overall property in general. These services may also include the installation or monitoring of a home or business security system if desired.

Consider More Security for an Upcoming Event

Seriously consider hiring more security details for an upcoming event. Contact Sonitrol at