Why Choose off Base Military Housing in Chula Vista that’s All Inclusive?

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Business

You have a couple of options when you are searching for off base military housing in Chula Vista. One option is superior to the rest. Finding affordable off base housing in Chula Vista is a challenge by any standards. You can ask anyone that has been stationed stateside about the cost of living in the area compared to other areas and they will tell you that it is expensive to be here. Of course if you are not looking in the right area at the right housing situation it is going to be expensive.

The Options

You have three options for off base housing:

  • You can buy a house/apartment
  • You can lease a house/apartment from a private owner
  • You can lease an apartment from a complex

We can take number one right off the table. Buying a house or an apartment while you are stationed here unless you are very close to retirement or you are very close to the end of your enlistment contract is just a bad idea. Wait to buy until you know you are going to hang around the area for a while.

Private Owners

Unfortunately, you can take the next option off the list as well. When you rent from private owners you are really taking a risk, you do not know if they will make repairs. Of course in most private rentals you also have to worry about furniture and breaking he lease if you get shipped out.

All Inclusive at a Complex

The last option is clearly the option that is best for off base military housing. You do not have to worry about furniture or whether or not the property will be maintained.  Foxwood Apartments offers everything you need in off base housing and then some!

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