Maximize Coverage With the Help of Home Insurance Agents in Southborough MA

Maximize Coverage With the Help of Home Insurance Agents in Southborough MA

When a customer pays for insurance, it is important that they maximize the benefits of the coverage. Homeowners buying policies may not realize that some things are covered. Below are several surprising things covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Spoiled Refrigerator Contents

When there is an extended power outage, food in refrigerators and freezers can spoil quickly. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover losses of $500 or less in food if the freezer or refrigerator loses power or suddenly stops working. Confirm coverage with a local insurance agent.

Animal Bites

If a pet bites someone and hurts them, the homeowner’s policy should pay the person’s medical bills even if the attack did not occur on the premises. Many policies also pay legal expenses when animal attacks result in personal injury suits.

College Students and Their Belongings

Homeowner’s policies should cover everyone in the household, as well as those under the age of 24 who are attending college full-time. However, some policies are not clear as to whether such provisions apply only to those living in dormitories, so customers should Browse our website, consult Home Insurance Agents in Southborough MA and read the policy to confirm coverage.

Identity Theft

Becoming an identity theft victim can be stressful and scary. Thankfully, though, many homeowner’s insurance policies reimburse customers for expenses incurred in resolving identity theft cases. Such costs can include lost wages, attorney’s fees, and travel expenses. Homeowners should know that identity theft is typically not covered in a conventional HO-3 policy; it is a separate endorsement. Check the policy to be sure.

Personal Property Away From Home

Many homeowner’s policies include off-premises coverage for personal belongings. For instance, if a bicycle is stolen in the city, a simple call to the agent can leave the customer with the funds to replace it and keep on pedaling.

Most people take homeowner’s insurance for granted, but it is a good thing to have if something goes wrong. However, many customers do not use such policies fully. By consulting home insurance agents in Southborough MA, a homeowner can get all the benefits for which they pay premiums each month.