Why Choose Salvage Yards In Easton CT?

Salvage Yards in Easton CT can help turn the scrap metal that you have into a revenue stream. The salvage yards purchase ferrous and non-ferrous materials from many different sources. This includes scrap metal merchants, manufacturers, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, general public and government entities.

The different types of ferrous materials that are bought include appliances, heavy melt steel, iron turnings, sheet iron and plate and structural. Nonferrous materials include aluminum cans, brass, copper, nickel, radiators and stainless steel. The competitive prices ensure the greatest return for scrap metal.

How it Works?

When you contact the salvage yard you get specific quotes and container services that match your requirements. An empty container is sent to the location specified by you. The container is kept at a place where it will be convenient to load it with scrap materials.

The metal materials are separated and weighed carefully. One of the important things that you need to remember is that each metal is different and attracts different value. The entire process of separating and weighing the metals is documented. After the documentation is complete a settlement package is sent.

We can help you with your small or large projects with containers that have been specifically designed for this purpose. All that you need to do is to call and schedule a consultation so that the scrap metal can be sold at the most competitive price.

The recycling process that we utilize has minimal impact on the environment and all the applicable laws and regulations in this regard are adhered to. Selling of scrap will help reduce your carbon footprint and volume in landfills.

Our logistical strength ensures that we can take delivery of the scrap metal at the nearest location convenient to you. We can also come and collect the material from any location in Easton CT. We are capable of handling a few kilos of scrap to hundreds and thousands of tons.

Recycling is the most environmental friendly solution for scrap material. Scrap metal can provide a regular income stream and recycling it can drastically reduce waste disposal costs.

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