X-Ray Thickness Gauging Monitors Trends

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Electronics and Electrical

Stability is one of the most critical properties of X-ray thickness gauging. To effectively monitor trends XRF is a great option. X-ray thickness gauging is used in a wide range of industries to ensure consistency of coatings. Applications can potentially range from single layer measurements to multi-layer coatings. This measurement tool is ideal for a wide range of thickness gauging. It is used across a wide range of industries that want to be assured of stability, conformity and consistency across their product line.

XRF for X-Ray Thickness Gauging

XRF is superior for thickness gauging for several well-documented reasons including:

  • Precision results that are delivered quickly
  • It offers a non-destructive analysis
  • Used for a variety of compositions and coatings
  • Easy to develop and store reports

Precision results with the XRF thickness gauging is easier than ever to have. Reliability, stability and complete information that does not require product destruction is a cost savings instrument that is easy to develop and apply. You can easily integrate the XRF gauging system into inline assemblies. Data collection and reports help to ensure consistency of product development, raw materials and more.

The Resource for Reliability

Micro X-Ray Inc is the reliable resource that offers custom solutions for your thickness gauging needs. With years of experience and the finest engineers on board, your custom application needs can easily be met. The goal at Micro X-Ray Inc has always been to build better tubes and equipment that raise the bar on the industry standard and they have done an amazing job of raising the industry standard. Have your custom XRF needs met at MXR and get the focused customer care you need for your project. Learn more about your options and how customized XRF can be the best option for your gauging needs today!

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