11 Cleaning Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Pets

Pet care means more than just proper bathing and nail trimming – it means knowing how to clean up after your pet. Here are 11 cleaning tips every owner should know.

  1. Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Use a Roomba (or a similar robotic vacuum) to help you keep up with dog hair around your home.
  2. Rubber Gloves – Use rubber gloves (latex or nitrile) to help you clean up pet hair from almost any surface.
  3. Lint Roller – Lint rollers are your best friends. Use them to remove pet hair from clothes, furniture and more.
  4. Duct Tape – Wrap a paint roller with duct tape to really get hairy surfaces clean in a hurry. Watch out for the sticky residue, though.
  5. Enzyme Products – You’ll find a host of enzymatic cleaning products on the market that actually work to eliminate pet odors.
  6. Stain and Varnish – Have your pets made a mess of wood doors or door frames? A little stain and varnish can help hide minor scrapes and claw marks.
  7. Stop Scratchers – Does your dog scratch at the inside of the door? Hang a plastic sheet on the door to prevent damage.
  8. Prevent Hair Clogs – Do you bathe your own dog? If so, put a mesh scrubbing pad over the drain to catch the hair before it gums up the works.
  9. Placemats – Does your dog drop food outside of her bowl? Does he drool or slop water outside the water bowl? A handy pet placement can make it easier to keep the food and water area clean and neat.
  10. Buff Don’t Clip – Most owners hate trying to clip their dog’s nails, and the dogs aren’t all that fond of it either. You can save hassle and headaches by buffing your dog’s nails instead (or just let the pros handle it).
  11. Stop Wet Paws – Does your dog leave wet or muddy paw prints all over the house after a walk in rainy or wintry weather? Throw rugs scattered about (plus one or two at the door) can help prevent that.

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