All About Monthly Rentals

You are likely already familiar with the concepts of renting and leasing, but did you know you can set up either of these arrangements on a temporary basis? This process is typically referred to as either short term rentals or monthly rentals, and they’re a very viable option for those who will be in a location for an extended period of time, but not a permanent one. Take, for instance, the businessperson who will be in an area for a month or two – too long to depend upon hotel accommodations, but too short to set up any kind of long term lease. If monthly rentals in San Diego sound like they may be right for you, here’s what else you need to know about the process.

How Do Monthly Rentals Compare?

Monthly rentals in San Diego are a little different from other types of short term rentals, such as vacation properties. In fact, the difference is in the name. When you set up a vacation rental, you generally intend to stay there for a week or two. On the other hand, monthly rentals are just that. You set up a lease for a month or two.

But How Does It Work?

Monthly rentals in San Diego really do work on a month to month basis. You will basically keep in touch with a landlord, setting up and then renewing your lease with each new month, as needed. This setup is best for a wide range of situations that require temporary housing, such as those who will be in the area on business and need reliable accommodations. In the long run, monthly rentals in San Diego can also be much cheaper than what you would pay for a few nights in a hotel. You will be paying one fee for the whole month, rather than a flat rate for each night you’re there – meaning the total costs won’t add up nearly as fast!

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