Benefits of installing electric hand dryers

Electric hand dryers were not always as popular as they are today. Years ago it was felt by many building owners that they cost too much, were far too noisy and they blew water onto the floor and walls. It was not just building owners; users were not keen on them either; they were concerned about the spread of bacteria and the fact that they took a considerable amount of time to dry hands thoroughly.

These objections are no longer valid; the best hand dryers for sale have been improved considerably, so much so that the use of paper towels is now frowned upon.

Cost analysis:

There is no denying the fact that hand dryers are costly, but even the most expensive types will usually show less than a one year return on the investment.

The best hand dryers for sale have excellent performance and are highly efficient, over a one year period the facility owner will realize a savings of over 90 percent when compared to paper towels. The installation of a hand dryer also eliminates the labor required to constantly refill a paper towel dispenser and dispose of the waste.

The average cost of one paper towel is two cents; the cost per use of the best hand dryers is only 1/10th of a cent. With saving’s like this, it is not hard to see how the ROI can be quick.

Electric hand dryers require next to no maintenance, there are no issues with ordering and storing paper towels, and inventory management is not required.

The green solution:

Many companies are fast becoming aware of the benefits of “going green.” The best hand dryers for sale are a wonderful place to start.

Hand dryer technology has not stood still, today’s electric hand dryers are phenomenally efficient compared to just a few years ago. Some of the early hand dryers took the better part of a minute to do the job, today the same job takes little more than 10 seconds. In the past, the slow speed was always a sticking point for acceptance. With modern units being extremely quick and effective, not to mention the fact they cost less to operate, it is not surprising that electric hand dryers are being installed far more than ever before.

To further emphasize the environmental befits, it is always important to remember that producing paper towels is very energy intensive, they require ever diminishing resources, and the production process is responsible for a great deal of greenhouse gas. Over the span of ten years, the approximate life expectancy of the best hand dryers for sale, they produce three tons less of harmful CO2 than the production of the paper that is used in the manufacture of paper towels.