6 Reasons for Concrete Demolition in Minneapolis

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

While many believe that Concrete Demolition in Minneapolis involves little more than knocking walls down, the process is surprisingly complex. Each job comes with unique challenges, and demolition professionals know how to handle them. To ensure that the company hired is the right one for the job, customers can consider the following reasons for concrete demolition, cutting and removal.

Repairing Sewer Lines and Broken Pipes

Occasionally, sewer lines and water pipes may become damaged due to corrosion, soil settling or other reasons. It’s important to repair pipes promptly, to prevent dangerous and damaging sewage leaks. When a sewer line is located under a slab, concrete demolition and removal are needed.

Changing the Landscaping

Renovating the yard can sometimes require concrete removal and cutting services. Some homeowners may want to remove part of the patio to put in a hot tub or a swimming pool, and others may want to reroute a walking path. In either case, a concrete demolition company can do the job.

Additional Drainage

Summer rains can keep yards too wet, and to combat it, some homeowners want to add drainage. To lay pipe under slabs, concrete demolition and replacement may be necessary.

Access to Tight Spaces

In some instances, it may be necessary to access crawl spaces to lay new plumbing, repair wiring or resolve other issues. Here, concrete demolition in Minneapolis can provide the right level of access in these places.

Business and Home Improvement

If a home or business owner wants to add a kitchen, bathroom or other space, concrete cutting makes it easier. Slabs and walls can be a difficult barrier, and removing these obstacles can make extra plumbing and wiring possible.

Removing Concrete

It can be dangerous for homeowners to remove cut concrete pieces; it’s easy to injure the back or drop heavy concrete on someone’s foot. Concrete demolition professionals can remove old pieces without causing damage or injury.

From concrete recycling to debris removal, local professionals can help the area’s home and business owners. Visit the website to learn more about the company’s demolition services, or call today to schedule an appointment.

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