Benefits of Installing VOIP PBX Systems in Hawaii

Benefits of Installing VOIP PBX Systems in Hawaii

VOIP PBX Systems in Hawaii are quite different than traditional PBX systems in the sense that the phone calls will be transmitted through the IP network. This is why it is called an IP PBX or a VoIP PBX. The IP PBX does not mean that a business has to give up their current analog lines, either. There is a difference in VoIP on WAN and VoIP on LAN.

There are quite a few business customers who currently use VOIP PBX Systems in Hawaii. This is because it allows them to use their current analog phone lines and integrate them into the LAN by use of the VoIP gateway or with the help of a PCI card.

The main two reasons that a business should consider switching to VoIP PBX is because it is more affordable and more flexible than other phone system options. Some other reasons to consider making this change include:

• Ability to connect PCs and phones on the same network, which will eliminate the need for additional cabling and wiring.

• Several locations can dial the IP PBX to another IP PBX, which allows free phone calls to be made between extensions at various branches of a business.

• Ability to integrate SIP Trunks and to eliminate PoTs lines, which will reduce the cost of international and long distance calls.

• Easily self-maintain the systems with a graphical user interface and avoid having to hire someone off-site for monthly or day-to-day maintenance and upgrades.

• The traditional keyed systems are becoming more and more expensive to maintain due to on-site vendor visits and support contracts.

Also, the majority of IP phones features two RJ-45 ports. This means that a business will be able to connect the VoIP phone to the network and connect their PC to the network with the device’s internal switch. If there is a situation where only a single network connection is present, then a managed switch will be necessary to manage the voice and data traffic.

Taking the time to learn about the benefits offered by this phone system will pay off in the long run. Being informed will also help a business determine if this type of system is right for their needs. There are a number of options, so learning about all of them is the only way to see which one offers the best solution. Visit Website for further details.

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