Cobalt Drill Bits Are Excellent for Boring Tough Metals

Cobalt drill bits are a flexible option. They can easily bore through tough metals like stainless and cast iron AND they can also be used on softer materials. In most cases you have to switch out the bit when you are moving from hard tough materials to softer materials but the cobalt bits can make light work of both materials.  They are a preferred option for the hardest of metals.

What are Cobalt Bits?

Cobalt bits are made from an alloy of steel with anywhere from 5%-8% of cobalt.  There are two grades the M52 and M35 grade. The result is a really tough bit that can provide a great deal of flexibility.  The cobalt makes the steel much more durable and able to withstand very high heats before giving out.  They gold in color which helps them to stand out a great deal in the toolbox and to allow for easy distinguishability. These powerhouses are a great addition to any shop or for any project where you need accurate reliability.

The Benefits

This type of bit offers some impressive benefits:

  • High heat resistance as much as 1100-degree F means that this type of bit will not quit on you at very high speeds and very high heat exchange rates
  • Easy sharpening because a true cobalt bit is not just a coating it is cobalt and steel through-out which means that it can be sharpened without losing its integrity
  • Less wear and tear on machinery

Cobalt bits are versatile and long lasting and an excellent option for all hard metals. They can save you time and keep your workflow running smoothly.  When you have a tough job you need the tough drill bit that can handle it and keep things moving along. Hemly Tool Supplies has the bits that you need!