Easy Ways to Come up With Engaging Sermon Ideas

Whether you are writing a sermon for a large or small congregation, you may be struggling with ideas for your sermons. Here are three easy ways to come up with engaging sermon ideas.

Watch Online Sermons

You may be able to get inspiration by watching online sermons given by other pastors. You can get a general idea as to what they think is important to talk about with their congregation, and you can use this information to come up with your own sermon ideas. It’s a good idea to write down notes as you are watching each sermon as well as any information that you want to research further.

Search Websites

There are numerous websites available that have topics or manuscripts of different sermons. You can use this information to create a sermon for your own congregation. You can edit and add to this information in order to create a sermon that will be the perfect fit for the members of your church.

Scour Social Media

You can actually come up with quite a few sermon ideas by scouring social media. You can easily see what others are talking about or may be struggling with. You can then use this information to come up with topics that you think would be relevant.

There are numerous ways to figure out some sermon topics that you can use and tailor to the needs of the members of your church. By utilizing the above tips, you can come up with ideas for engaging sermons that will leave your congregation feeling uplifted after the sermon.