Foolproof Tips to List Your Space for Successful, Consistent Renting

Listing available space and renting it is a sweet, fuss-free source of income any time of year. With so many spaces available locally, how do you list your space for rent in Indianapolis to attract potential customers over the longest period of time? These simple tips can help you do just that.

Size Matters: Get out the Measuring Tape

Size is one of the main criteria that prospective renters use to gauge the compatibility of a given space. For standing room events, events with seats or events with a mixture of both, renters require at least 1 square foot to 1.5 square feet per person. Measure your space and calculate its total square footage. Keep this number handy and make it available for potential renters to find if necessary.

List Your Space According to Event

Different event types automatically require rooms of different capacities. This is where small rooms can compete easily with large rooms. Some organizations just need an intimate space for a weekly support group. Enthusiasts may be seeking a medium to medium-large room to accommodate their group’s growing popularity. Company conferences or special events may require any size room.

As a general rule, list your space under any possible meeting or event category that corresponds. Local press conferences, auctions and memorials typically fit well into smaller spaces. Parties and performances run the gamut as well, including everything from baby showers to album launch concerts and food tastings.

There is always a demand for large spaces, so definitely enclose overall and specific measurements as well as special features, such as an integrated sound system, lighting and adjacent suites suited to catering prep.

Keep It Simple, Professional & Transparent

If you intend to list your space for rent in Indianapolis area, be honest and clear about your space’s potential use. If you have office space best used as such, let renters know this up front. Give renters everything you’d like to know about a prospective space. It attracts renters who mean business and keeps the entire process easier and more rewarding for all parties involved.

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