Fun and Safety Using Tubes While Floating Down

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Water Sports

Letting the gentle waves of a river take you downstream while you’re on a float can be a relaxing adventure. However, you need to know how to properly use your float so that you stay safe in the water. If your tubing adventure includes several other people, then consider larger floats so that more than one person is on each one or so that you can connect them together.

Review the River

Before using floating tubes, you need to choose a river that matches your skill level. Read reviews about the current and if there are any hazards in the river, such as rocks or tree limbs. You also need to look at the weather conditions for the day and over the days prior to tubing because heavy rainfall could cause the river to have stronger currents or higher water levels.

Follow the Rules

Call ahead to any venue you plan to use to learn about the rules. Most require you to wear life vests, which is something that you should do anyway when you’re on the water. Ask if you can have food or beverages while you’re tubing as some businesses could allow you to have a small cooler attached to your float.

On the River

While you’re on your floating tubes on the river, you need to stay aware of the weather while making sure you can see the other people in your group. Look for areas where you can get off the river if you notice any signs of trouble. Overall, have fun while tubing on the river.

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