Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Grain Augers in Southern Idaho

Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Grain Augers in Southern Idaho

When a person has two combines working together in the field and a semi to unload, it is essential to have Grain Augers in Southern Idaho that are easy to maneuver and efficient. While those who are busy in the field may not have much time to dedicate to selecting the proper auger for the job, it is important to consider a few factors to make sure the right machine is purchased. After all, this represents a rather large investment, therefore getting the right one is essential.

Drive System

What type of drive system is preferred? There are a number of options to consider, which include hydraulic, gas motor, electric motor and tractor PTO.

Uploading Method

What type of truck is going to be unloaded? Is swing away hopper necessary? There are augers in Southern Idaho that has this feature that cost a bit more, and those that don’t. Carefully consider which option is best to find the right uploading method.

Auger Application

Is the auger going to be used for loading and unloading bins and trucks, or just for loading trucks? Or will it only be used for loading bins? These are factors that need to be considered carefully since it will determine the auger you choose.

Storage Options

The majority of augers are designed for flat storage bins that have door access, hopper bottom bin, a flat storage bin with an unload feature or flat ground storage.

Pulse or Seed Crops

Is the auger going to be used for a seed crop that has to be handled more gently? If so, then the buyer should consider a conveyor belt feature to ensure no damage or issues arise with the harvesting of the crop.

Capacity of the Auger

Does the buyer have a preferred capacity? Currently, the capabilities of various augers range from the low end of 0 to 3,000 bushels each hour to high end of 6,000 to 9,000 bushels per hour. Be sure to match the capacity of the selected auger to the bin’s grain spreader.

If a person is looking at the different types of augers available, considering the factors and features here is essential. If they have more questions, they can also Contact us. Being informed about the options can ensure the right auger for the job is selected.