How to Create Affordable and High-Quality Trade Show Booths in NYC

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Trade Show Services

If you are looking to get into the business of attending trade shows, but must stay within the confines of a very limited budget, there’s no better way for you to save money than by decreasing the size of your presentations. While you can indeed create a booth that spans hundreds of square feet, the return on investment your booth generates will naturally decrease as it gets larger. This is precisely why many companies are now opting to buy the 10×10 booths New York exhibit manufacturers provide.

A Small Booth Can Pack a Big Punch
A smaller booth offers a number of advantages that will significantly decrease the cost of attending a trade show. For instance, they require the use of less materials in their construction. They require less signage to promote your brand and they are considerably easier to store when not in use. Nonetheless, they can still come well-equipped by a professional designer who will portray your brand in the best possible light using a variety of sophisticated techniques.

Small Booths With All the Frills
Small booths are artfully crafted through the addition of the usual high-quality graphics and lighting you are accustomed to finding in professional quality trade show booths, but they can also add handpicked furniture to your exhibit to further enhance its aesthetics. While 10×10 booths in New York are more affordable, they don’t have to be completely devoid of technology. Many companies choose to enhance their smaller booths through the addition of large flat-panel televisions that convey a lot of information to potential clients in a small amount of space.

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