Raising Efficiency and Productivity with Real-Time Drilling Software

Raising Efficiency and Productivity with Real-Time Drilling Software

Drilling operations are constantly changing environments. For that reason, historical data is not enough to manage your drilling operations. Consequently, real-time drilling monitoring is required to decrease uncertainty and ensure the best results. By implementing real-time monitoring into your drilling operations, you can ensure well integrity and reach the planned targets in addition to benefitting from software that seamlessly integrates into your systems and automatically detects operational risk.

Delivering Increased Efficiency

The primary reason why oil and gas companies turn to real-time drilling software is to increase efficiency. It allows them to track drilling their operations and instantly compile data that gives engineers the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Armed with this information, engineers can quickly recalculate drilling parameters plus more to increase production.

Reducing Data Analysis Times

Older systems often required days to compile and analyze data which led to non-productive time and reduced efficiencies until the problem could be identified. However, real-time drilling software reduces data preparation, validation, and analysis time to minutes. It ensures data availability, integrity, and reliability, as well as allowing safe and efficient operations, with less downtime than ever before.

Resolving Issues Faster with Dynamic Data

Real-time drilling software offers intelligent dashboards that aid in fast data analysis and can be customized to show specific data. By integrating dynamic data into this dashboard, your team will be able to provide a 360° analysis of the operations and make decisions faster.

Quickly Access Archives

Accessing historical data is more manageable with real-time drilling solutions too. This software records and stores all data, allowing you to review older data as quickly as you can access current information and integrate with real-time events to identify trends and patterns.