Successful Data Governance Begins With a Solid Drilling Optimization Plan

Successful Data Governance Begins With a Solid Drilling Optimization Plan

Data governance is a principled approach to managing data during its life cycle, from acquisition to use to disposal. Of course, becoming an expert in data governance is something that many individuals can spend their career on. However, if you’ve worked in this area, you most likely know that successful data governance begins and ends with a solid drilling optimization plan.

Having a good drilling plan is the first step to ensuring your well site is as profitable as possible. What else can real-time drilling data do for you? It gives you control by having the capability to avoid undesired events and associate a major number of elements to make decisions effectively.

Other important results are:

Improve Operational Efficiency

Ask any geoscience specialist and they will tell you that operational efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to productive well-site operations. That means you should never settle for a company that puts well data management solutions on the back burner.

Reduce Costs and Minimize Risks

Reducing costs and minimizing risks is another critical step toward improving your operations. You need to implement fit-for-purpose solutions that not only deliver data that is valuable, but is also up-to-date and reliable so you can make accurate decisions that lead to maximum profitability.

Work with the Latest Energistics Industry Standards

Another important way to ensure solid data governance is by working with the latest energetics industry standards. This should be done through cloud-based WITSML and ETP subscription services.

For data governance that is a cut above the rest, begin with a solid drilling optimization plan and maximize your efforts and your assets.

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